Once in a lifetime offer! Employ today!

Roll up, roll up, today’s your lucky day sir! We all know how hard it is to find decent staff these days don’t we. Yes madam, I know what problems you’ve been having! Well today I can solve your problems. Because we have not one, but two, yes sir, you heard me right, two of the nation’s finest, no, foremost and first-class, interweb folk available for work. Yes, you could take them away this very day!

We have the wonderful, the wondrous, the worthy wizard of webness, the well-formed Mr Webb. It is, as you can imagine, a rare occurrence to have the chance to employ such a talent. Did I say “rare”? I meant extraordinary, exceptional and certainly exquisite. But right now you also have the chance to employ the commendable, the classy, the creditably comely, the cat’s pyjama’s of this capital, Mr Coates. Now, who’s going to be first to offer these fine-fettled fellows a mission worth of their tremendous talents? You sir? How about you madam?

OK, it may seem a bit too much like some mutual back-slapping session to point out Tom and Matt’s CVs to you, but I can honestly say that not only are they both at least as talented as their CVs describe, but they are both more than a joy to work with. Whatever else happens to UpMyStreet, it won’t be nearly as much fun without them around.


  • whoa there tiger! hold your horses! don’t trample on the lambs! this is the first wave… who knows when the tout becomes the ticket?

13 May 2003 in Writing

Eudora 6 beta fights spam
There’s a beta version of Eudora 6 out for Macs (Windows coming soon). I’ve been using it for a day so far and it’s working OK for me. It features:…
Cartographic Congress Show and Tell
Notes from the event — lots of internet mapping, GPS and RDF.

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