The best thing about Movable Type 2.6

From the changelog:

Changed all visible instances of blog to weblog in the system and in the documentation.

I’ve hated the word “blog” since the day I first heard it.

Movable Type Pro sounds good too. Especially the bit about allowing users to log in for comments. Pepys’ Diary uses huge numbers of comments (around 1,600 in six weeks) and anything that beefs this facility up will be a boon.


14 Feb 2003 in Writing

Protesting the war in Estonia
My sister sent me this photo from a friend of a friend in Estonia and says: In Tartu the defence league (pretend soldiers) decided they didn’t want people peace protesting, so the residents had to get snowmen to protest instead!…
Decent UK TV guide
A really simple telly guide, at last.

On this day I was reading