Byliner is reborn

Byliner, my site that lets you keep track of when (some of) your favourite writers publish new articles, has been completely rewritten and is now in a position to get some new features (more on that here).

I’d appreciate any comments, especially if you notice something that’s broken. I haven’t had a chance to test it on Windows browsers yet but hopefully it’s not too bad; I’ll fix PC compatibility next week. I managed to rewrite all the PHP, HTML and CSS in a couple of weeks, thanks to having the existing logic and SQL to work from and the set of PHP classes on which I now base all my sites. Even so, it’s been pretty hectic.

It’s pretty safe to say that what with this and Pepys’ Diary I’ve been more productive in the past six weeks of my free time than I have in the past six months at work. But then that’s not much of a challenge.


  • Oh, and I forgot to mention that you can still see what the original incarnation looked like in this non-functioning archive version:

  • I just signed up for byliner today. Thank you for creating it.

    I noticed:
    a) Links to the stories of Ana Marie Cox don’t seem to work. (Please note that I tried only two)

    b) Only one story is listed under for Jonathon Jones. He has written many for the same newspaper (The Guardian).

  • Looks like the long-defunct is no longer there… if it proves not to be a temporary problem I’ll probably pull all the links to it.

    As the FAQ states, I don’t index every page on every, so not every story by every writer is going to be here.

31 Jan 2003 in Writing

The stationary city
Waiting for a gridlock-sparked revolution in London.
How many Americans own passports?
Investigating the often quoted, and always varying, statistic that “only x per cent of US citizens own passports.”

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