Gadget bag

At some point in the future I’ll need to buy a new little bag for carrying expensive and fragile items and I’ll immediately think “where did I see that immensely practical bag? If only I’d ‘blogged’ it then and there!” At that point I will travel back in time to January 2003 and I’ll write this entry, which is, in fact, what I’m doing now. (Take a tip from me: don’t eat a large meal before time travel.) So now I can find the bag here or, for those in the UK, here. (I’m not going to tell you which continent I will be on when I need to refer back to this entry because you might use this knowledge of the future to alter the course of time to your own wicked ends.) I’m not so keen on RoadWired’s general laptop bags however; they all look a bit too suitcasey (apart from this pricey number), unlike my many-years-old laptop backpack from the other Wired, which feels like a relic of bygone days even back in 2003.