Where your FOAFs are

After my last post Jim Ley told me about his other fun thing, his global FOAF people map (again, you may require the Adobe SVG viewer). I don’t usually like attempts to map where webloggers (or whoever) are in the real world — I either don’t care or I can remember that kind of information. But, if you just happen to have put data about your nearest airport into your FOAF file, and added (or updated) your info in the FOAFnaut database using this form, then you’ll magically appear on the map. Yeah, it’s a stretch, but it’s still a good demo of another use of FOAF data. Here’s a brief guide to creating the airport data at Perceive.net.

17 Dec 2002 in Writing

Uses for friends-of-friends
In my previous post I talked about FOAF files and longed for some exciting things to do with them. And here they are……