Writing from March 2002

A flat-buying diary

A couple of weeks ago I finally completed the purchase of a one-bedroom flat in London. Back in October, when I began the process, I didn't have a clue what would happen, what path an average property purchase takes. Speaking to the building society (The Woolwich), the estate agent (Winkworth) and my solicitor (an excellent recommendation from a friend) was daunting as they dealt with the bewildering process every day of the week. But for me it was like driving into thick fog, relying on the three of them for directions.

During the following four and a half months I kept notes of what was happening and these are below. While no two purchases are alike (hopefully yours will be quicker) someone else about to set out on the same foggy journey may find this a useful rough guide. The moral of the story, if you're expecting a quick trip, is not to go to The Woolwich, not to buy in Hackney, and to know the smallest legal confusion could hold you up for weeks.


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