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Using a British/UK Windows keyboard with an Apple Mac in OS X (1)

UPDATE 4: (20 Novermber 2005) This page has been superseded by these instructions.

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UPDATE 3: (2 February 2003) This page is now out of date. See this page for the latest instructions.


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Mars and Milton Keynes

I've never been that bothered about going to Mars, not since I was a teenager who traced spaceships out of Di Fate's Catalog of Science Fiction Hardware, anyway. But when I was in Houston I was surrounded by people who were fanatical about sending people to another planet, an experience that made me wonder why I wasn't bothered about something they were obsessed with.

So I thought spending a day in Milton Keynes for The Mars Society UK's symposium, 'Mars on Earth: Life on Mars,' might be enlightening particularly as Robert Zubrin, the evangelist behind a (relatively) cheap method of getting to Mars would be speaking. He was, by some way, the most entertaining and inspiring of the speakers to talk to the hundred or so men and a handful of women. He carelessly threw each acetate on to the OHP's surface as if to confirm this rousing speech had been delivered to many roomfuls of obsessed men around the world and that he could now enthuse the faithful with little effort. By the time he'd finished delivering the sermon, polishing it off with a few slick jokes, Matt and I were sold. "When can we go?" we thought. It all made perfect sense, every possible problem had been envisaged and redundancy was everywhere (never mind the slightly worrying matter of generating gravity in the lander by swinging it in a circle on the end of a mile-long tether).


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