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Nothing much

This is not, by any stretch of the definition, daily. Really busy at the moment, and not much to say. I feel less need to write things for 'publication' when I'm in this more social environment, so maybe this will pick up again in a couple of weeks.

That said, I've mentally written many entries while on the tube, walking to work, swimming,etc. But I'm bored of them by the time I'm near a net connection with a spot of free time. I'm sure you'll get by.

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Back in the land of the free

I've returned to Houston for the rest of the year. It's very strange to be somewhere so different and yet so familiar. I'm hoping the next five months fly by...

Anyway, here's a list of things I'll miss about being in London, written on a train while trying to avoid reading anything college-related:

John Peel, Alan Bennett, BBC TV, Channel 4, Britpop, dance music, public transport, cynicism, mild weather, British accents, history, seaside towns, black cabs, Routemaster buses, sandwiches, Branston pickle, BBC Radio, good TV ads, national papers, international sports, dense cities, smaller cars, more cyclists, French films, Jacques Peretti, number plates with the EU symbol on them, not having to translate my speech into American, lack of religion.

And friends and family, but that goes without saying really.

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FutureFocus 2000 part one

Today was the first day of the World Future Society conference (or "FutureFocus 2000" as it's officially titled). I wasn't sure what to expect from the event or my fellow attendees. Apart from a few speakers visiting college, the only futurists I've met have been on the same course as me, so I was interested to see what the rest of the field looked like. All I had to go on were the photos accompanying articles in The Futurist and those of speakers in the conference brochure. Consequently I was half expecting everyone to be badly lit and in shades of grey.


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FutureFocus 2000 part two

It's all over now, and it was exhausting. Although that was more to do with overly-long days rather than mental overload. While the event wasn't as awful as I'd feared, it wasn't as good as I'd hoped. Probably just slightly south of what I'd expected.


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Going under

I've only seen it maybe three times but, yes, I am addicted to Big Brother. It wasn't unexpected as I always made an effort to watch The Real World whenever it crept into the UK terrestrial schedules (not often enough). And I loved that disastrous 1993/4 BBC2 take on the concept set in Manchester, where the housemates' ballooning egos were threatened by a rowdy public. Although the original Dutch version was showing while I was in Amsterdam in December/January I didn't tune in, and the UK version started after I returned to Houston. I should have more of a look at those live streams as I can't quite imagine it without the fun of laughing at the dumb narcissistic Americans. I suspect the Brits would be even more horrifying in a whole new way.


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Bah humbug

Me: Hi. I paid a cheque in pounds sterling into my account at the end of May and after speaking to someone on the ServiceLine last night I found that it still isn't "available" to me.

Chase Bank of Texas Customer Service Representative: Well it can take some time sir. When you paid the check in you should have been given a white receipt...


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Top Ten Email Correspondents (by volume)

Trying to avoid thesis-writing without stepping into the dripping hot air outside lead me to do two items of ehouse-keeping this weekend: (a) tidy up my bookmarks, sorting out a weekly schedule of sites to whizz through in an effort to get Futurelog up and running again; and (b) tidy up my Inbox, which had grown to a heaving and swollen mass over the past twelve months (I keep all my email, as it takes less time than working out what to throw away).


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