Writing from April 2000

Never falling

Three unsatisfactory analogies for how it feels to watch films like High Fidelity when you've never fallen in or out of love.

  • It's like watching a war movie when you've never even held a gun.
  • It's like laughing at mother-in-law jokes when you've never been married.
  • It's like finding all those Gen X references to Gilligan's Island amusing when you've never even seen a clip of the show.

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There’s no here here

Every Friday I travel into downtown Houston to see a movie or two. Since selling my car a few weeks ago I've had to restrict myself to this single day, partly as I have classes to prepare for on the other weekdays, but mainly because the Park & Ride bus doesn't run at weekends. But I'm grateful to have any public transport out here in Clear Lake (Clear Lake is a suburb of Houston, but is, I think, within the City of Webster; I'll never understand America's regional divisions).


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The Dark Ages of Renaissance

But I had a headache, not quite a wincingly bad one but bad enough that I couldn't face hearing the PowerBook's hard drive spin up again, the soundtrack to my life. Plus I was fed up, and depression + headache = spend a day in bed.


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My new toy

I know, I owe this site some new words, and I've had a swirl of half-ideas drifting back and forth through my mind the last few days. But I haven't had time to form any of them into ascii as I've been tweaking the final tweaks on my new website: Byliner. I hope it's self-explanatory.


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Dream a little dream

Do you ever dream about falling in love? An instant text-book case of looking into a stranger's eyes and knowing this is it, the true once-in-a-lifetime, head-over-heels L.O.V.E.? You hold each other tight for as long as the shifting dream world will allow, believing that now life can only be good. But one alarm clock, boom of thunder, or shout in the street later and your one true love is gone forever.


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I feel bad that I haven't written in a while. I've entered the final two weeks of term and I was intending to construct an ordered list of my priorities (1 Sleep/eat, 2 Read personal mail, 3 Read haddock ... 7 Write papers...) but it was one of those ideas that after more than a few minutes of thought stops being amusing and clever and simply becomes dull.


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