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18 Oct 2017 at Twitter

  • 12:03pm: Finally! (After 7 years of complaints, your accountant no longer has permission to delete all your FreeAgent data.)
  • 12:19pm: Partially false alarm! If you want your accountant to add Journal Entries, or file VAT returns, they can still also delete ALL your data.
  • 01:42pm: @freeagent The interface still says a level 8 Accountant can delete all data…
  • 02:06pm: It might not be a false alarm! FreeAgent forgot to update the only place in the UI that this change was apparent to anyone using it.
  • 04:06pm: Does anyone Django-y have any thoughts on how best to combine a load of legacy HTML files with a Django site…?
  • 04:07pm: I’m guessing correct answer is Option 5, but I really don’t want to set up servers any more. I’m hoping there’s an easier & better Option 6.
  • 04:33pm: @infovore Yeah that does seem best. I was just relieved with my recent decision that paying for Heroku is better th…
  • 04:35pm: @infovore I’m not sure that’d work.
  • 04:40pm: @infovore Maybe I’ll just delete it all and write any new blogs on Medium ha ha
  • 05:05pm: @benterrett @infovore Let me know your fax no and I’ll send it right over.
  • 05:18pm: @dracos Oh, interesting… I’m using Whitenoise for the static assets, hadn’t noticed I could add other files. Think it’d be OK serving HTML?
  • 05:36pm: @dracos I just noticed that looking through the Issues. Sounds promising, thank you :) I will have a poke when I next get the time…
  • 06:50pm: @paulpod @SonyUK You should be able to get a repair or replacement from the seller, regardless of the warranty.
  • 06:59pm: Very good. Ten years of permanent URLs for BBC programmes. Well done everyone!
  • 09:16pm: @paulrobertlloyd Thanks Paul, good to know that works!

18 Oct 2017 in Writing

Combining HTML files with a Django website
Wondering how to host and serve lots of old HTML files when I move most of this site to Django.

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