Links for Wednesday 20 September 2017

20 Sep 2017 at Twitter

  • 08:54am: I reported two instances of graffiti by the Barbican Exhibition Halls The City’s usually efficient at cleaning.
  • 11:06am: A 2017: “…a luxury slipper upstart that just locked up a $2M seed…” “My customers love any kind of niche graph paper…”
  • 02:21pm: This is ridiculous meaningless twaddle. So there.
  • 02:59pm: @hex Yeah. I gave one clap, like I’d give a “like”. Which is obviously “wrong” given the clappers:claps ratio, so now I also feel bad.
  • 03:12pm: @hex If the theatre’s anything to go by, soon clapping won’t be enough and you’ll also have to click the ‘standing ovation’ button.
  • 10:07pm: The Banksy graffiti at the @BarbicanCentre has a 24 hour security guard. Just paint over the thing and be done with it.

Music listened to most that week

  1. SBTRKT (39)
  2. LCD Soundsystem (21)
  3. Alvvays (19)
  4. Janelle Monáe (16)
  5. Nao (16)
  6. The Mountain Goats (13)
  7. The Hayman Kupa Band (12)
  8. Kendrick Lamar (9)
  9. Stereolab (8)
  10. Clark (3)

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