Links for Wednesday 24 September 2014

24 Sep 2014 at Twitter

  • 06:36am: @chrislunch Any time!
  • 06:48am: @Thayer Thanks…. I barely like going to conferences, never mind putting them on :)
  • 06:50am: @monkchips @felix_cohen @shoreditchvh @andybudd @paulrobertlloyd Go for it! (I'm not much of a conference organiser though.)
  • 07:04am: More useful than putting on a conference along those lines: actually running an organisation along those lines.
  • 07:10am: @george08 Seems a bit pointless to start an organisation with no idea what it would actually *do* :)
  • 07:26am: @bobbie @george08 Combine the Magnums! A collective of moustached Ferrari-driving, rifle-toting photographers, eating chocolate ice creams.
  • 08:22am: A StackExchange site where you ask which StackExchange site you should post your question on.
  • 08:49am: @blaine I’m sure! I think they’re just not in the tech world that makes the most noise within my hearing. (Which isn’t their fault.)
  • 08:54am: @hyper_linda I have never even tried, so have respect for anyone who’s tried.
  • 09:16am: @andylolz Thanks. I’m currently working for Citizens Advice.
  • 09:17am: @andylolz Thanks. I helped build the original They Work For You. Although that put me off doing more similar things :)
  • 09:22am: @andylolz Oh definitely. I think that’s a fault of tech(?) culture - people like to start new sites/charities/etc rather than help existing.
  • 09:24am: @monkchips Yes, as a thought experiment to imagine what a different kind of (part of) tech industry might look like.
  • 09:24am: @monkchips I’m not saying there *shouldn’t* be a conference like that. I’m just wary of people talking, feeling better, but not *doing*.
  • 09:27am: @hyper_linda @andylolz Yeah. Much more fun and exciting than trying to improve, or just help, a decades-old organisation.
  • 09:28am: @monkchips I didn’t say that. Take action! Everyone likes different kinds of action. I, me, personally, don’t want to run a conference.
  • 09:47am: Swarm’s taking the piss now. It’s stopped telling me how many check-ins at offices “Tom” has, and is now telling me about “Matt”.
  • 10:01am: @adrianhon I still like it. Putting its iCal feed in my calendar recently made a difference. Helps me remember what I’ve been doing!
  • 10:17am: @adrianhon Yeah, my calendar is suddenly full of several years of things I’d forgotten!

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