Links for Sunday 21 September 2014

21 Sep 2014 at Twitter

  • 09:45am: @russelldavies A new kind of safari holiday. "Quick, look over there, I can see i… oh, too late."
  • 01:45pm: It’s a shame Paul Morley doesn’t have/link to his own Spotify playlists given how much he appears to rave about it:
  • 01:47pm: Just because I’d love to follow the playlists of people like Morley, Simon Reynolds, etc. Feels like part of the future we don’t have yet.
  • 01:58pm: @abe1x Yes, the discovery is awful on Spotify. But that’s slightly separate from Morley et al making themselves findable.
  • 02:54pm: on form: PM calls a PM; MOD promotes a BBC drama; NCSA on cyber crooks; Army on past victories; DWP promotes its ads.
  • 05:52pm: Standard afternoon of front-end development: Tweaked my bash prompt; swore at Bundler; weighed up reliance on Ruby vs Node; wrote no code.
  • 05:56pm: @tomcoates It’s like developing refined tastes in coffee, wine, etc… the rest of us don’t notice such tiny differences.Blissful ignorance :)
  • 05:57pm: I know this stuff makes building complex sites more manageable, but if I’d wanted to spend my time doing it I’d’ve gone to sysadmin school.
  • 06:00pm: @tomcoates I’m not denying there are differences. Only that if I don’t *consciously* notice differences they don’t worry me.
  • 06:03pm: @tomcoates This seems like an unrelated non-sequitur. I increasingly think @houseofcoates is alive and set up @tomcoates as an experiment.
  • 06:18pm: @houseofcoates Your secret's safe with me. So many things are starting to make sense now…

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