Links for Friday 27 April 2012

27 Apr 2012 at Twitter

  • 08:21am: While I am now more influential about Sean Connery, the actor, my overall Klout score has dropped. Why aren’t you listening to me? HELLO?!
  • 08:31am: @chrislunch I’m not going to waste all that effort now! I’ll kill him and then I’ll know more than anyone! (Echelon: joke)
  • 12:40pm: @Paul_Regan Did you forget to wash behind your ears this morning? From here you’re looking a little grubby back there!
  • 01:49pm: @mattsheret Roger! Is he an Avenger? Roger Avenger? I’ll be him.
  • 01:53pm: @mattsheret Maybe one of them is normal me and the other one is super Avenger me in disguise? That’s how this works isn’t it? I’m confused.
  • 04:23pm: I’ve run a Whit Stillman site for 12 years. He finally releases a new film and on opening night… I’m going to see Avengers Assemble instead.
  • 04:24pm: (I am also the world’s most patient man, so it’s fine.)
  • 09:47pm: 'Avengers' dazzling / Fun nighttime hirebiking home / Waiting up for a glimpse of wife before she jets off again.