Links for Friday 27 April 2012

27 Apr 2012 at Twitter

  • 08:21am: While I am now more influential about Sean Connery, the actor, my overall Klout score has dropped. Why aren’t you listening to me? HELLO?!
  • 08:31am: @chrislunch I’m not going to waste all that effort now! I’ll kill him and then I’ll know more than anyone! (Echelon: joke)
  • 12:40pm: @Paul_Regan Did you forget to wash behind your ears this morning? From here you’re looking a little grubby back there!
  • 01:49pm: @mattsheret Roger! Is he an Avenger? Roger Avenger? I’ll be him.
  • 01:53pm: @mattsheret Maybe one of them is normal me and the other one is super Avenger me in disguise? That’s how this works isn’t it? I’m confused.
  • 04:23pm: I’ve run a Whit Stillman site for 12 years. He finally releases a new film and on opening night… I’m going to see Avengers Assemble instead.
  • 04:24pm: (I am also the world’s most patient man, so it’s fine.)
  • 09:47pm: 'Avengers' dazzling / Fun nighttime hirebiking home / Waiting up for a glimpse of wife before she jets off again.

Music listened to most that week

  1. Eux Autres (37)
  2. Beyoncé (35)
  3. M83 (21)
  4. Actress (14)
  5. Art Brut (13)
  6. A Camp (12)
  7. The Auteurs (12)
  8. Rain Tree Crow (11)
  9. Blouse (10)
  10. Teebs (10)

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