Links for Wednesday 25 April 2012

25 Apr 2012 at Twitter

  • 09:45am: Sometimes I look at complex code, or all the tech stuff I can’t keep up with, and think I should have stuck to illustrating or designing.
  • 09:46am: But, you know, now I’m here… More typing!
  • 12:14pm: What are you doing? / What? / Did you double dip that economy? / Excuse me? / You double dipped! From now on, just take one dip and end it.
  • 03:18pm: @denisewilton You should totally ask your twitter followers for their opinion on best colours.
  • 03:38pm: .@denisewilton is trying to choose colours. Please help her by suggesting good colours.
  • 04:04pm: @alruii @denisewilton Did you use Nectar Jewels 2? Oh, Blush Noisette 3, how about that one?
  • 04:09pm: @alruii @denisewilton Tasty.