Links for Monday 16 April 2012

16 Apr 2012 at Twitter

  • 07:45am: @mildlydiverting And you, congratulations to you.
  • 08:35am: @moleitau I was wondering the same thing! It’s not Christmas is it?
  • 09:11am: I don’t think uoʇǝɹ ǝɹpu∀ is in today. I might be Old Aesthetic for a change. He’ll never know. (He’s strict. HE HAS NEW AESTHETIC RULES!)
  • 09:26am: People who you open the door to and then step through it before you invite them in. Very rude, but at least you know they’re not vampires.
  • 09:34am: @mattsheret I’d never seen him before! And I doubt it has anything to do with me inviting that bat in for a cup of tea last week.
  • 09:48am: @gnat I have an ointment to rub into my glitches.