Links for Wednesday 4 April 2012

4 Apr 2012 at Twitter

  • 08:44am: Interior, Barbican, Lift. Young female child: Are you going to work on your computer? Me: (Quiet sigh.) (Then, falsely happy) Yes, I am!
  • 09:07am: @tedmills That reads like it was written by a 1985-era computer that was programmed with grammar and rhymes, but no sense.
  • 09:10am: @DeanVipond You’re so lucky! Do you get to watch spinning beachballs too? Do you? Do you?!
  • 09:20am: @secretbean If she wasn’t with her father I may have broken character and told her The Truth about adult life. The horror, the horror!
  • 09:21am: @secretbean But, after I’d made her cry, I’d have brightened the mood with, “But I can eat all the sweets I like and stay up late!”
  • 12:31pm: @iamdanw You’re tuned to Ceefax+1. Re-tune and the clock will fix itself.
  • 02:26pm: @revdancatt Have Google gamified Analytics yet?
  • 04:47pm: The Google glasses video would be so much more interesting if it was through the eyes of, say, an 80-year-old.
  • 04:48pm: @mattsheret Ooh, I can guess this one! Is it from ‘The Maltese Falcon’?!
  • 04:50pm: @mattsheret Oh, no, silly me, is it taken from an intertitle in ‘Safety Last’?
  • 09:31pm: Every time I catch up on Twitter or RSS I can barely keep up with the amazing stuff, never mind investigate it further. Good work everyone.

Music listened to most that week

  1. Bettie Serveert (20)
  2. Brian Eno (18)
  3. Flying Lotus (17)
  4. Lauryn Hill (16)
  5. Milky Wimpshake (14)
  6. Baths (12)
  7. Tortoise (12)
  8. Pinch & Shackleton (10)
  9. Allo Darlin' (8)
  10. Art Brut (2)

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