Links for Wednesday 4 April 2012

4 Apr 2012 at Twitter

  • 08:44am: Interior, Barbican, Lift. Young female child: Are you going to work on your computer? Me: (Quiet sigh.) (Then, falsely happy) Yes, I am!
  • 09:07am: @tedmills That reads like it was written by a 1985-era computer that was programmed with grammar and rhymes, but no sense.
  • 09:10am: @DeanVipond You’re so lucky! Do you get to watch spinning beachballs too? Do you? Do you?!
  • 09:20am: @secretbean If she wasn’t with her father I may have broken character and told her The Truth about adult life. The horror, the horror!
  • 09:21am: @secretbean But, after I’d made her cry, I’d have brightened the mood with, “But I can eat all the sweets I like and stay up late!”
  • 12:31pm: @iamdanw You’re tuned to Ceefax+1. Re-tune and the clock will fix itself.
  • 02:26pm: @revdancatt Have Google gamified Analytics yet?
  • 04:47pm: The Google glasses video would be so much more interesting if it was through the eyes of, say, an 80-year-old.
  • 04:48pm: @mattsheret Ooh, I can guess this one! Is it from ‘The Maltese Falcon’?!
  • 04:50pm: @mattsheret Oh, no, silly me, is it taken from an intertitle in ‘Safety Last’?
  • 09:31pm: Every time I catch up on Twitter or RSS I can barely keep up with the amazing stuff, never mind investigate it further. Good work everyone.