Links for Monday 12 March 2012

12 Mar 2012 at Twitter

  • 07:58am: @tomcoates Did some people see it different to that?! Weird.
  • 08:37am: @tomcoates I think this just shows how perceptive we both are compared to everyone else. Only explanation.
  • 09:43am: @phl @genmon Couple of weeks ago I saw a Japanese film crew in Spitalfields filming two men dressed very vaguely like G&G. Other world G&G.
  • 05:12pm: I did a bit of the work on (no connection to the other Pepys). Just launched, about John Lanchester’s new book.
  • 05:16pm: @AnnieFeighery Entirely coincidental!
  • 05:23pm: @AnnieFeighery Yeah, that probably is a good thing :)
  • 06:46pm: @tomcoates I still keep thinking ‘John Carter’ is going to be about the ‘ER’ doctor’s post-TV-series philanthropic adventures. In space!

12 Mar 2012 in Comments elsewhere

Easiest way to add GPS lat/long to photos in field? - ASK COOL TOOLS
My wife and I have tried a few solutions. I currently rely on taking a photo with my iPhone at the same time and using that photo’s data to position my “real” camera’s photo on Flickr (or, very recently, in…