Links for Tuesday 15 November 2011

15 Nov 2011 at Twitter

  • 10:28am: Phew, first contact from the wife in the Himalayas. All has gone well, although cloud cover may prevent scheduled departure at the weekend…
  • 10:41am: @tomtaylor No she’s trekking!
  • 02:49pm: Drawn a really good nose but it’s in the wrong place. I should have sketched everything in roughly first. #AnalogyForMyBadCoding
  • 03:27pm: @benoonbenoon I would say me and @samuelpepys are the same but that would be rather a lot to admit to at this stage of his, ah, affairs.
  • 04:18pm: Bad Coding Analogy Update: I’ve simply pretended the person I was drawing had two noses, and it’s turned out fine.
  • 08:52pm: New band: Shoreditch Overlocker Disaster.

Music listened to most that week

  1. McCoy Tyner (29)
  2. Glenn Gould (18)
  3. His Name Is Alive (17)
  4. Zammuto (15)
  5. Chong X (13)
  6. Jamie Radford (11)
  7. Kid Carpet (11)
  8. Hal Hartley (10)
  9. De La Soul (10)
  10. Murray Wilson (9)

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