Links for Sunday 16 October 2011

16 Oct 2011 at Twitter

  • 10:23am: The factor that will make unmanned spy drones socially and politically acceptable for police use in urban areas: quieter than helicopters.
  • 11:29am: I’ve got behind on rating music. 1500 songs behind. If I don’t sleep and do nothing else I should be caught up by next weekend.
  • 02:17pm: This is what I mean: “I like the idea of quiet surveillance drones though - it gives me a cosy glow.” At least Big Brother’s quiet.
  • 04:39pm: @katylindemann @simonth Good lord man, slow down! The missus will be getting ideas!
  • 05:05pm: A ramble by me about asymmetry of insight: Starts to seem like a bit of a sermon by the end.
  • 05:30pm: @ianbetteridge Yes. Reading opinion tweets from any point of view about Occupy Whatever is depressing.
  • 05:33pm: @ianbetteridge Half the time I think it’s just trying to be witty, point-scoring. Compiled together as a stream makes everyone look dumb.
  • 06:08pm: @bobbiejohnson Empathising’s harder than not, but worth it. I don’t think it’s better online either… judging people by their tweets, etc.
  • 06:19pm: @paul_clarke Pleasure!

16 Oct 2011 in Writing

The asymmetry of how we judge others, at an individual level and as one country to another.