Links for Saturday 30 July 2011

Photos taken 30 Jul 2011

30 Jul 2011 at Twitter

  • 12:11pm: @tominsam I use VMWare and bought my copy of Vista on Amazon, £69: Don’t know if that’s still cheapish.
  • 01:37pm: The Daily Mail say the “David Jones” who emailed Mensch wasn’t their David Jones… If only RealWorld+ mandated real names as usernames!
  • 01:40pm: @gwire I’m hoping it’s the former Monkee, hoping to get publicity for his apparently continuing musical career.
  • 01:51pm: Ignoring the sun, getting things done, it might not be fun, but it gets things done.
  • 03:12pm: I wonder if eBay would have revolutionised buying and selling even more if its site wasn’t so clumsy, clunky, frustrating and temperamental.
  • 04:31pm: My sis is off on a trip! RT @suegyford: Less than 24hrs til Clipper race start - keep up at
  • 05:17pm: Vintage 1971 Phil with accessories, original parts, RARE!!!
  • 05:45pm: @chrislunch I somehow read “wife” for “ankle” and thought “I know he’s private but, really, TMI!”. Also, it sounded carelessly done.

Music listened to most that week

  1. Scuba (12)
  2. Erykah Badu (11)
  3. Eleanor Friedberger (10)
  4. King Tubby (8)
  5. Electrelane (3)
  6. Robbie (3)
  7. Alborosie (2)
  8. Black Mountain (2)
  9. Da Grynch (2)
  10. Errol T (2)

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