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30 Jul 2011 at Twitter

  • 12:11pm: @tominsam I use VMWare and bought my copy of Vista on Amazon, £69: Don’t know if that’s still cheapish.
  • 01:37pm: The Daily Mail say the “David Jones” who emailed Mensch wasn’t their David Jones… If only RealWorld+ mandated real names as usernames!
  • 01:40pm: @gwire I’m hoping it’s the former Monkee, hoping to get publicity for his apparently continuing musical career.
  • 01:51pm: Ignoring the sun, getting things done, it might not be fun, but it gets things done.
  • 03:12pm: I wonder if eBay would have revolutionised buying and selling even more if its site wasn’t so clumsy, clunky, frustrating and temperamental.
  • 04:31pm: My sis is off on a trip! RT @suegyford: Less than 24hrs til Clipper race start - keep up at
  • 05:17pm: Vintage 1971 Phil with accessories, original parts, RARE!!!
  • 05:45pm: @chrislunch I somehow read “wife” for “ankle” and thought “I know he’s private but, really, TMI!”. Also, it sounded carelessly done.