Links for Friday 15 July 2011

15 Jul 2011 at Twitter

  • 08:54am: @wendyinfutures *blink* $42 per article?! If there was ever an industry that needs disruption, it’s academic journals.
  • 08:57am: I wonder which person in the government / police / media will be first to find a four leaf clover in their morning paper. #Rubicon
  • 01:54pm: Chocolate brownie reward. (Thanks @andyhunti)
  • 02:02pm: @knebworthchap Oh, wow, I hope you got your train OK - we made it with mins to spare. That queue was the low point of our holiday. Chaos.
  • 02:59pm: @maryloosemore @suegyford I don’t think Dad’s on Twitter!
  • 03:33pm: @spaceboy I have a circle for each socioeconomic group, so I can communicate with people like traditional media. “This one’s for the ABC1s!”
  • 03:35pm: @rooreynolds I thought the BBC had blanket rights to use pretty much any music...? Like playing music on the radio.
  • 03:55pm: A Spotify playlist of @jwheare’s genius Friday Drivetime playlist, ongoing. Hard to beat. Turn it up.
  • 04:06pm: @hamstand It’s only a matter of time...
  • 04:16pm: @hamstand Nice, ta. I’ll save that for a future Friday afternoon.