Links for Wednesday 1 June 2011

1 Jun 2011 at Twitter

  • 01:07pm: @tomtaylor Even worse, I expect it’s entirely coded in *non-standard* hate and bile.
  • 05:56pm: A storming day. Worked through my pile of tickets, whittled them down from 20 to only 26! I’m hoping to have reached zero tickets by ∞!
  • 06:52pm: Jesus, Twitter! If I wanted this many emails from my friends I’d have been using email instead of Twitter all along!
  • 07:48pm: Is it possible for an incoming automated call to completely break one's landline…? Nothing there now…
  • 07:54pm: @chthonicionic BT say it's a fault outside our property. Odd that the line was working before that call but not after though.