Links for Saturday 14 May 2011

14 May 2011 at Twitter

  • 10:35am: Waiting for the predicted rain to arrive and then leave before going for a bike ride.
  • 03:11pm: A nice jaunt through the other London, round Richmond Park (can't believe I've never been before), then home. Now I will eat everything.
  • 05:15pm: @antimega Have you heard of Colin Stetson? You might like. (Also, please repeat any good recommendations.)
  • 07:06pm: @russelldavies Shuffle over a bit. Ta. Could you pass the crisps?
  • 07:14pm: RT @samuelpepys: Eat and drank and then out again and walked... we to a corner and sang, that everybody got about us to hear us. #eurovision
  • 07:17pm: I already don't understand how #eurovision limped along for so many years until Twitter made it work. I never used to watch, now it's great.
  • 07:25pm: Lyrics: some over-earnest, goody-goody ten year old. #eurovision #denmark
  • 07:27pm: Mary's reaction to Lithuania: "Shall I go and put the potatoes on?" #eurovision
  • 07:36pm: "mumble lipstick mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble car crash!" #eurovision #jedward
  • 07:47pm: Is it the same Stereo Mike as in 'Drinking in LA'? #eurovision
  • 07:56pm: the most heartfelt song about a lost hairbrush ever. #eurovision #france
  • 08:09pm: In 1985 someone designed gents' evening wear that they thought would be worn in 2050. #eurovision #blue
  • 08:14pm: Someone help my husband - he's hyperventilating. Lots of love @maryloosemore
  • 08:44pm: @blech I bet you're watching it on the black market Internet though, so I'm not sure it counts as an official export...
  • 08:45pm: @blech I sit corrected.
  • 08:50pm: @paulpod Yes, Twitter should be making events. (If they had any way to make money from people tweeting about them.)
  • 08:54pm: @matlock Red button hasn't worked for us all evening. :(
  • 09:04pm: Switzerland, Moldova or Serbia for me. #eurovision
  • 10:03pm: I could have watched twice as many songs. The voting... no. #eurovision
  • 10:28pm: So, what can we all watch next weekend? #eurovision

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