Links for Saturday 14 May 2011

14 May 2011 at Twitter

  • 10:35am: Waiting for the predicted rain to arrive and then leave before going for a bike ride.
  • 03:11pm: A nice jaunt through the other London, round Richmond Park (can't believe I've never been before), then home. Now I will eat everything.
  • 05:15pm: @antimega Have you heard of Colin Stetson? You might like. (Also, please repeat any good recommendations.)
  • 07:06pm: @russelldavies Shuffle over a bit. Ta. Could you pass the crisps?
  • 07:14pm: RT @samuelpepys: Eat and drank and then out again and walked... we to a corner and sang, that everybody got about us to hear us. #eurovision
  • 07:17pm: I already don't understand how #eurovision limped along for so many years until Twitter made it work. I never used to watch, now it's great.
  • 07:25pm: Lyrics: some over-earnest, goody-goody ten year old. #eurovision #denmark
  • 07:27pm: Mary's reaction to Lithuania: "Shall I go and put the potatoes on?" #eurovision
  • 07:36pm: "mumble lipstick mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble mumble car crash!" #eurovision #jedward
  • 07:47pm: Is it the same Stereo Mike as in 'Drinking in LA'? #eurovision
  • 07:56pm: the most heartfelt song about a lost hairbrush ever. #eurovision #france
  • 08:09pm: In 1985 someone designed gents' evening wear that they thought would be worn in 2050. #eurovision #blue
  • 08:14pm: Someone help my husband - he's hyperventilating. Lots of love @maryloosemore
  • 08:44pm: @blech I bet you're watching it on the black market Internet though, so I'm not sure it counts as an official export...
  • 08:45pm: @blech I sit corrected.
  • 08:50pm: @paulpod Yes, Twitter should be making events. (If they had any way to make money from people tweeting about them.)
  • 08:54pm: @matlock Red button hasn't worked for us all evening. :(
  • 09:04pm: Switzerland, Moldova or Serbia for me. #eurovision
  • 10:03pm: I could have watched twice as many songs. The voting... no. #eurovision
  • 10:28pm: So, what can we all watch next weekend? #eurovision

Music listened to most that week

  1. Akira The Don (42)
  2. Allo Darlin' (17)
  3. Carole King (14)
  4. Hefner (14)
  5. Everything Everything (12)
  6. Neu! (11)
  7. Saint Etienne (11)
  8. Air (10)
  9. Bob Dylan (9)
  10. Brian Eno (7)

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