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  • 08:43am: @meganbe I'm behind @samuelpepys and, like him, I'm in London.
  • 12:41pm: Made shortlist of friends whose tweets I’d want to catch up on if I was offline for a few days. 90 tweets over just the last 5 hours. Hmm.
  • 03:33pm: @yoz Yay! This. +1. [Like] [Follow]
  • 05:25pm: Cyclists concerned enough for their safety to wear helmets, but still reckless enough to cycle against traffic on a one-way street. Idiots.
  • 09:52pm: @Zoonie Worth sticking with. Was probably easier to get into when not having to wait a week between episodes.
  • 10:00pm: @antimega "I drink your tea."