Links for Thursday 31 March 2011

31 Mar 2011 at Twitter

  • 11:00am: is funny. ‘Browse’ is hilarious. #radioplayer
  • 11:03am: @pdcawley It’s the gift that keeps on giving!
  • 11:20am: @mattsheret I love that it all works well for me because I always think “I want to listen to BBC Radio 1” rather than just “Radio 1”.
  • 12:32pm: @joroach I haven’t even tried the player itself... the website seems rather rushed and/or designed by committee though.
  • 03:24pm: Boom! My final cup of tea made by @irvinebrown arrives. Looking forward to the one more thing...
  • 03:26pm: @matlock I put the Twitter text number in my address book as “DO NOT REPLY”, which helps. Possibly @chrislunch’s idea actually...
  • 03:50pm: @spaceboy @matlock @chrislunch I think of DMs more as texts than email.
  • 04:59pm: Two men in puffy white shirts and sheepskin waistcoats. Fancy dress or Shoreditch fashion? Impossible to tell.
  • 05:05pm: @Lollyp0pp Maybe... morris dancers dressing down perhaps.
  • 05:54pm: @spaceboy There was also a man across the road from them in trilby and overcoat who’d come from Shoreditch’s 1920s enclave.
  • 08:23pm: Yes thanks. I'm glad you crashed then because I didn't have a gazillion windows open and wasn't 90% through finishing something, you piece o
  • 10:29pm: As tempting as it is to stay up listening to loud techno and house all night, it will make me less useful tomorrow. CURSE YOU SENSIBLE PHIL!