Links for Tuesday 29 March 2011

29 Mar 2011 at Twitter

  • 04:06am: Circuits unexpectedly activated during scheduled off-peak downtime. Unable to shut down processing systems. Engineers required.
  • 12:32pm: @megpickard @antimega Seconding Peak Imaging, although it’ll get pricey for high res scans.
  • 05:18pm: On the plus side, I suppose that afternoon of annoying code did stop me thinking about legacy accounting problems. #everycloudetc
  • 06:07pm: What do you mean I can’t retire yet? This is insanity!
  • 06:13pm: I love the web but some days every single div and input field and refresh and keypress and scroll and pixel is one too many.
  • 06:42pm: @rooreynolds Seconding Deadwood. We liked The Shield a lot. Freaks & Geeks?
  • 06:45pm: @alicebartlett @rooreynolds I/we also loved My So-Called Life, although I don’t know how it stands up to fresh eyes today.
  • 06:53pm: @andyhunti @alicebartlett @rooreynolds Well what are you going to do when you get cancelled? Same goes for Deadwood.
  • 08:10pm: @gwire You should put them on Instagram!