Links for Sunday 27 March 2011

27 Mar 2011 at Twitter

  • 11:38am: Reading books about music history is completely difference since Spotify. Wonderful. Headphones now full of Leiber & Stoller.
  • 11:44am: You just don’t get many pop songs about events in jail these days.
  • 03:44pm: Oops, correct URL on the way...
  • 03:56pm: Edited highlights of the “Sky reporters offering protestors £25 to throw bricks” rumour unfolding: /cc @sunny_hundal
  • 03:56pm: My tweeting is all fingers and thubms this afternoon.
  • 04:03pm: @GreatDismal @TWUncut Where are the witnesses? Here’s the Sky News / £25 / bricks rumour unfolding on Twitter:
  • 04:56pm: Good lord, Ping tries to make me dislike it more by automatically posting my activity to Twitter? *shakes fist pointlessly*
  • 05:28pm: @sunny_hundal Definitely. Rumour apparently based off one stranger recounting this to someone in the street. *Talk* of witnesses, but who?
  • 07:26pm: Mighty vexed by spending all day working on Pepys. Hey ho, as he wouldn’t say.