Links for Monday 14 March 2011

14 Mar 2011 at Twitter

  • 08:58am: That thing where I think other pedestrians are staring at me and I have to glance down to make sure I remembered to put my trousers on.
  • 03:23pm: @katylindemann Sounds like same session that’s been held for at least the prev 2 years but we’ll get there eventually :) #digitaldeath #sxsw
  • 03:25pm: @katylindemann To be fair, topic’s important, difficult and easy to ignore so progress will be slow. I’m glad it’s good! #digitaldeath #sxsw
  • 04:13pm: Several weeks into building this project... “What is it we’re actually doing?”
  • 04:14pm: @stml Ooh, has someone set up a Kickstarter for the Big Society yet?
  • 07:46pm: @chrislunch @katylindemann That photo is wonderful. Scary and weird out of context, but wonderful otherwise!
  • 08:24pm: @chrislunch @katylindemann It's very "Awkward Stock Photos".