Links for Tuesday 8 March 2011

8 Mar 2011 at Twitter

  • 07:42am: Headphones on, back on the Vim train.
  • 08:47am: Gazing at a lovely sunny sliver of north London rooftops. Smoke has changed from drifting westish to drifting eastish.
  • 09:01am: @antimega But it is efficient! For the Royal Mail. And whoever buys their eventually emaciated but nicely-dressed corpse.
  • 12:01pm: @tomskitomski Wow, Donald Trump would find it hard to spend that kind of money on something more gaudy.
  • 12:31pm: My object-oriented MVC-style JavaScript is unstoppable. Except when it gets stuck in a loop. Then it’s UNUNSTOPPABLE! That’s better, right?
  • 12:55pm: @philgyford That doesn't even make sense, Phil.
  • 05:33pm: Giant Bird are clever and nice chaps wanting to make a new show. They have a video, and should ask for more money:
  • 07:32pm: Stumbled the dozy line between attention and nodding off while life drawing teacher was talking. Oops. Feeling droopy.
  • 09:01pm: @DeanVipond STUDENT, STUDENT!
  • 09:18pm: The great thing about football is that I never care who wins, but it's so much fun when @dotcode's team loses. How's it going Jude?
  • 09:31pm: @spaceboy Yeah, they're my favourite footballing team too! I love Not Jude's Team and their variety of colourful uniforms. We need a chant.
  • 10:05pm: @spaceboy Wow, we're the best team! I think we've won twice recently! We're better than Jude's team, ra ra ra!

Music listened to most that week

  1. Bob Dylan (24)
  2. PJ Harvey (24)
  3. Fiona Apple (17)
  4. The Broken Family Band (15)
  5. Gang of Four (15)
  6. The Band (12)
  7. Allo Darlin' (10)
  8. The Byrds (10)
  9. Supertramp (10)
  10. Girl Talk (9)

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