Links for Saturday 5 March 2011

5 Mar 2011 at Twitter

  • 09:26am: Best night's sleep in a while. Eleven hours, uninterrupted, nice dreams. Much better than @samuelpepys' night.
  • 11:31am: @hamstand Mutual respect, yes. But pedestrians won’t respect conscientious cyclists because the bad cyclists give all of them/us a bad name.
  • 11:36am: What is it about Amazon that always slows Safari to a beachball-spinning crawl? It’s like being given concrete shoes when you enter a shop.
  • 11:44am: I want a Windows 7 to install in VMWare. I have XP. Do I need Home/Pro/Ultimate? 32/64 bit? XP Upgrade? I want to pay money, why so hard?!
  • 11:47am: @anu Not sure what “join domains” means...
  • 11:49am: @anu Ah ta. No I only really need to use IE to check websites, so Home is probably fine. Just a bit bewildering, so much variety!
  • 11:50am: @Mike_Forester Ahh, that’s what I should have looked for rather than angrily tweeting :) Many thanks!
  • 12:20pm: @nickludlam Ta! Ordered.
  • 01:37pm: I'm never going to change the world by sitting in coffee shops reading the… ooh millionaires' shortbread!
  • 05:17pm: I sent @ArchiveTeam cash to pay for 1TB of storage. Every little helps to save some history:
  • 06:50pm: I want to see an entire movie told in the same way as a movie trailer. And I wrote about it:
  • 11:11pm: @russelldavies A smoking cap might be both more relaxed and more elegant than a fez...

5 Mar 2011 in Writing

Trailers as movies
I’d love to see a movie or TV show delivered at the same speed as trailers are.