Links for Tuesday 1 March 2011

1 Mar 2011 at Twitter

  • 08:35am: @em_cooper They can't make The King's Speech again either.
  • 08:42am: @tomcoates Don't automatically correct tweets! Send them back with corrections in red, and a grade, for resubmission. Only way to learn!
  • 01:07pm: First time Borsibikes have failed me. It's so easy to break my heart.
  • 02:04pm: Oh, but there's going to be a new Borisbike station just by the BRIG! Oh, alright, give us a hug, let's make up.
  • 03:32pm: @paulpod @antimega Think long-term and plan ahead: start murdering modern artists today! #echelonthisisajoke
  • 06:59pm: It’s depressing how much I don’t know about making websites. Thankfully @gwire knows all I don’t know. Plus all I don’t know I don’t know.