Links for Sunday 9 January 2011

9 Jan 2011 at Twitter

  • 10:12am: @mildlydiverting I misremembered the earlier tweet as "Bristol South", as in the parliamentary constituency. Which seems more appropriate.
  • 12:34pm: I go through Docklands so rarely, and every time I'm stunned that a place like this can be willed into existence.
  • 03:42pm: Things you never hear: "The O2 needs more advertising inside it."
  • 05:10pm: Having said that about the O2, I forget how much advertising there is in tube stations. And they don't have the compensation of fun rides.
  • 06:19pm: Futile, but: @jtaschek, @stevegillmor My tweet about Twitter's Mac app didn't say "#fail". Don't put dumb, knee-jerk hashtags in my mouth :)

9 Jan 2011 in Writing

A metaphor
The only two responses Palin’s team could make to the Giffords shooting that make sense.

9 Jan 2011 in Comments elsewhere

Cyclists in the City: HGVs - Time to make common cause with pedestrians and motorcyclists?
Unfortunately, as you say, peoples’ fears and demands are based on perception. I suspect that you can show them all the facts you like, but the perception is still that a lot of cyclists are jumping red lights, cycling on…

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