Links for Tuesday 28 December 2010

28 Dec 2010 at Twitter

  • 01:15am: Hey everyone! DFS have a sale on! Don't miss this once-in-a-lifetime chance!
  • 11:46am: @danhon I can't think where you could get a sofa on sale. Somewhere with a wide selection of contemporary designs is bound to be high value!
  • 12:01pm: @danhon Maybe @moleitau has heard about a cheap source of sofas built to last? @moleitau do you know somewhere @danhon could save double?
  • 12:03pm: Quora questions where "entrepreneurs" ask dumb questions about getting things made is like watching embarrassing X-Factor contestants.
  • 01:17pm: @revdancatt Booo, hope it all picks up soon. You are all owed a replacement Christmas early in 2011!
  • 04:46pm: Me coding, her uploading photos. Any sufficiently advanced spare room is indistinguishable from an office.
  • 07:10pm: Stuart Maconie's Superdense Bygone Trivia Encylopedic Altgasm Music Factoid Hose.
  • 08:15pm: @katylindemann Not in my experience, but I think we should keep pushing the cheese boundaries. FOR SCIENCE!