Links for Thursday 16 December 2010

16 Dec 2010 at Twitter

  • 09:05am: Geek Social Fallacy #5 is indeed a fallacy, buy it's hard for people to put aside when there's so much public showing off
  • 10:46am: @ianbetteridge DeNiro? Wha'ever. I'll be too busy lunching with Obama, Lady Gaga, Liu Xiaobo, the Yeti, and Michael Jackson's ghost.
  • 10:49am: Instagram: "Choose a filter to transform the look and feel of the shot into a memory to keep around forever." Why do memories need filters?
  • 12:02pm: @russelldavies The Yeti's flying in especially for lunch with me and the gang, then teleporting out again. Also, he doesn't like you, soz.
  • 12:52pm: @mildlydiverting Hey yeah, thanks, a couple of helpful people told me that. I will now have to block you for spam too, sorry.
  • 04:06pm: @nickludlam I loved Normalization Of Deviance's first album, 'Catastrophic To Date'.
  • 07:30pm: @gilest Delicious is going to be sunsetted. I'm guessing the colours will change from blue/grey to a lovely fiery red/orange combo?
  • 09:30pm: I'm not using it yet but I will switch from Delicious at some point: