Links for Tuesday 7 December 2010

7 Dec 2010 at Twitter

  • 03:21pm: @revdancatt Yes, linking to other sites... this live blog is almost like a... blog! :)
  • 06:09pm: @ianbetteridge I am trying to come up with a second Betteridge's Law that encompasses your rhetorical questions :)
  • 06:10pm: The authorities have finally granted regulatory approval for Project Bathroom.
  • 08:36pm: We now have matching pairs of wellies. #middleage
  • 08:39pm: @benterrett The Christmas Tree Proposal? Is that a movie? You want to sleep w me while Robert Redford watches? It'll take more than a tree!
  • 08:42pm: @Saffy At least you live in the country, so you have more excuse :)
  • 09:56pm: @benterrett Oh yes. I think we may utilise one of our year-round steel poles, rather than buy a special festive one. So much greener!

Music listened to most that week

  1. Daft Punk (22)
  2. Scuba (9)
  3. Dinosaur Jr. (3)
  4. Leila and Roo (2)
  5. Alla (1)
  6. Archers of Loaf (1)
  7. Au (1)
  8. Bass Clef (1)
  9. Bear Bones, Lay Low (1)
  10. Belly (1)

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