Links for Tuesday 7 December 2010

7 Dec 2010 at Twitter

  • 03:21pm: @revdancatt Yes, linking to other sites... this live blog is almost like a... blog! :)
  • 06:09pm: @ianbetteridge I am trying to come up with a second Betteridge's Law that encompasses your rhetorical questions :)
  • 06:10pm: The authorities have finally granted regulatory approval for Project Bathroom.
  • 08:36pm: We now have matching pairs of wellies. #middleage
  • 08:39pm: @benterrett The Christmas Tree Proposal? Is that a movie? You want to sleep w me while Robert Redford watches? It'll take more than a tree!
  • 08:42pm: @Saffy At least you live in the country, so you have more excuse :)
  • 09:56pm: @benterrett Oh yes. I think we may utilise one of our year-round steel poles, rather than buy a special festive one. So much greener!