Links for Wednesday 10 November 2010

10 Nov 2010 at Twitter

  • 09:43am: @wonderlandblog Me too. *Looks at shelf of unread books and handful of unstarted games.*
  • 09:45am: Working from home this morning just in case our new duvet cover is delivered to our flat by mistake. #toohardtoexplain
  • 02:14pm: I was negligent in not updating you sooner, for which I apologise. The duvet cover arrived and was successfully handed over in the street.
  • 02:29pm: @suegyford The crazy, shady duvet cover racket that happens when you live in an impenetrable fortified maze of concrete.
  • 06:01pm: @mala Stewart Lee had a bit last night: "Remember letters? They were like... objects. Young people won't remember. Remember 'things'?"
  • 09:07pm: Look Mum No Hands is a really nice evening hang out. Feels Continental/American: food, coffee, smoothies, bottled beer. Lovely.
  • 10:09pm: @Alby I've managed to eat and drink there without ever having been to their website. Imagine! It's like the early 90s (with good coffee)!