Links for Wednesday 10 November 2010

10 Nov 2010 at Twitter

  • 09:43am: @wonderlandblog Me too. *Looks at shelf of unread books and handful of unstarted games.*
  • 09:45am: Working from home this morning just in case our new duvet cover is delivered to our flat by mistake. #toohardtoexplain
  • 02:14pm: I was negligent in not updating you sooner, for which I apologise. The duvet cover arrived and was successfully handed over in the street.
  • 02:29pm: @suegyford The crazy, shady duvet cover racket that happens when you live in an impenetrable fortified maze of concrete.
  • 06:01pm: @mala Stewart Lee had a bit last night: "Remember letters? They were like... objects. Young people won't remember. Remember 'things'?"
  • 09:07pm: Look Mum No Hands is a really nice evening hang out. Feels Continental/American: food, coffee, smoothies, bottled beer. Lovely.
  • 10:09pm: @Alby I've managed to eat and drink there without ever having been to their website. Imagine! It's like the early 90s (with good coffee)!

Music listened to most that week

  1. Brian Eno (32)
  2. Public Enemy (16)
  3. INXS (12)
  4. Magazine (12)
  5. Record Club (12)
  6. The MD Connection (8)
  7. Slow Club (7)
  8. Curve (6)
  9. The Wedding Present (5)
  10. Model 500 (4)

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