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24 Oct 2010 at Twitter

  • 01:58pm: First joint cycle with @maryloosemore (Barbican to Angel) a success!
  • 03:03pm: Branches of Patisserie Valerie: all the delight and pleasure of cake-stuffed cafes with none of the delight and pleasure.
  • 03:20pm: I love paying more than ten quid for the cinema and then having to sit through 10-20 adverts. GREAT! Such good value for money!!!
  • 06:27pm: @gwire I was indeed watching a French documentary, and it was quite good in a slow way.
  • 06:29pm: Running a fan site for a director who hasn't made a film in years is one thing. Keeping up when they finally start filming again is another.

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Music listened to most that week

  1. Scott Walker (13)
  2. Saint Etienne (12)
  3. The Fall (8)
  4. WU LYF (6)
  5. Psapp (5)
  6. Depeche Mode (4)
  7. Untold (4)
  8. (3)
  9. Digital Mystikz (3)
  10. Kode9 (3)

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