Links for Friday 1 October 2010

1 Oct 2010 at Twitter

  • 07:19am: 8.15 and no one else is here. Hmm. Feels like going to work on a Saturday by mistake.
  • 08:46am: @crystaltips Apologies to all for the ambiguity. I wasn't at *work* at 8.15, I was at breakfast. Poor choice of simile on my part.
  • 09:01am: @denisewilton I think it is one of those days.
  • 10:54am: @macintosh BLT Deli have their uber pork wrap on today. Sadly I don't think I'll have room, but it's well worth it if you're hungry...
  • 10:55am: @macintosh BE BOLD! CONQUER YOUR FEAR!
  • 10:58am: @anjali28 The man is a bounder of the very worst kind! @katylindemann @paulinabees @iamdanw @tobybarnes
  • 10:59am: @spaceboy Look for your opening and then... POUNCE!
  • 01:03pm: I am eating @danhon's left over packet of crisps again. He is a good man. A pusher of fat-laden, evil, addictive foodstuffs, but a good man.
  • 03:37pm: It's nice for @samuelpepys that he's going travelling shortly, but it has taken me five hours to prepare a week of diary. #boringfridays
  • 04:23pm: Satisfying a craving for cheese and biscuits by eating cheese and biscuits.
  • 05:14pm: Red Dead Redemption. Drove carriage off a cliff. John Marston lies immobile, twitching. Luisa's sister just shouts at him to hurry up.
  • 07:25pm: Ignore emo brain. Head down, push onward. Onward!