Links for Tuesday 28 September 2010

28 Sep 2010 at Twitter

  • 06:38am: @benterrett Is that prescription-only Wham!, regular over-the-counter Wham!, or just old-wives-tale-herbal Wham!?
  • 06:53am: Smug, looking at people arrive in their office across the way, sitting at their desks. Because I'm at home at, er, my desk and computer. Hm.
  • 07:00am: @nathanawilliams Are you spying on me!?
  • 10:51am: First level IRS boss defeated.
  • 12:17pm: Several further IRS, technical and administrative enemies slain.
  • 04:18pm: The past day-and-a-half: Admin and writing my first unit tests. All dull but, finally, satisfying.

28 Sep 2010 in Writing

Willy nilly
My brief talk about Foursquare etiquette at Playful 2010.