Links for Monday 21 June 2010

21 Jun 2010 at Twitter

  • 02:10pm: Tea. Chocolate brownies from @thegirlspeaks via @mattsheret. Some coding success. Warm weather. 'London Calling'.
  • 02:47pm: @scaryredhair You'll have to pry the teacakes from my cold, dead, sticky hands.
  • 03:25pm: A @VirginActive woman on phone wanted me to rate their staff out of 10. All they do is say hello. Dumb survey. Said I couldn't answer.
  • 03:49pm: Have been trying to upload a small 'G' for the past hour, but keep seeing a whale instead. Time to go home I think.
  • 04:18pm: @tedmills But they could equally say "Good morning your majesty, you look gorgeous!" I've no idea what the min and max values are for hello!
  • 05:40pm: The inability to upload a Twitter profile picture for the past three hours shouldn't be getting me down this much. Open loops.
  • 06:02pm: @denisewilton You can't even fit an image that big on a Zip disk!