Links for Monday 21 June 2010

21 Jun 2010 at Twitter

  • 02:10pm: Tea. Chocolate brownies from @thegirlspeaks via @mattsheret. Some coding success. Warm weather. 'London Calling'.
  • 02:47pm: @scaryredhair You'll have to pry the teacakes from my cold, dead, sticky hands.
  • 03:25pm: A @VirginActive woman on phone wanted me to rate their staff out of 10. All they do is say hello. Dumb survey. Said I couldn't answer.
  • 03:49pm: Have been trying to upload a small 'G' for the past hour, but keep seeing a whale instead. Time to go home I think.
  • 04:18pm: @tedmills But they could equally say "Good morning your majesty, you look gorgeous!" I've no idea what the min and max values are for hello!
  • 05:40pm: The inability to upload a Twitter profile picture for the past three hours shouldn't be getting me down this much. Open loops.
  • 06:02pm: @denisewilton You can't even fit an image that big on a Zip disk!

Music listened to most that week

  1. Kode9 (8)
  2. Digital Mystikz (6)
  3. Aardvarck (5)
  4. Alton Ellis (4)
  5. Burning Spear (4)
  6. Sticky (4)
  7. Terror Danjah (4)
  8. Zomby (4)
  9. Camera Obscura (3)
  10. Culture (3)

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