Links for Saturday 17 April 2010

17 Apr 2010 at Twitter

  • 07:16am: Breakfast, coffee, Top 40 on TV, window open on a sunny morning, birds singing.
  • 11:26am: In the office for the afternoon, with a scotch egg, slab of fruit cake, and Mr Pepys.
  • 11:56am: @megp It's a service rather than software, but seems popular and well-liked. Haven't used it myself though.
  • 02:52pm: Are all the rubbish tracks on old Madness albums rubbish because they're rubbish or rubbish because I didn't get to know them when I was 10?
  • 03:12pm: There's a plane over northern Germany! Don't they know!? Come in BER669P, your time's up!
  • 03:17pm: Ooh, flight-tracking fans, has a "Volcano Ashes Layer" on the map! Awesome.
  • 05:14pm: Phew, done, time to go home. 3.5 weeks of Diary in hand, more ahead than I've ever been I think.
  • 07:34pm: Pizza, beer and 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'. Now off to see 'The Ghost'. #ashwidower