Links for Thursday 7 January 2010

7 Jan 2010 at Twitter

  • 02:52pm: @davidschneider I don't mean to be picky. OK I do but don't you mean "blog post" rather than "blog"? It's like saying "I wrote a newspaper".
  • 04:43pm: I'm starting to like 2010. Its hand brushed my knee earlier. Maybe it was accidental, but you never know. It's so hard to read the signals.
  • 04:47pm: I nominate @shortyawards for a Shorty Award in #spamming because you can only vote by spamming all your friends.
  • 07:31pm: I have a dozen 2000AD and Judge Dredd annuals from the 80s. Anyone want one or more, free?
  • 08:10pm: @moleitau I'm going to bring it in tomorrow!
  • 10:57pm: @fjordaan £20!? I had a look on eBay and there were loads of mid-late 80s ones for a few quid that didn't sell.

Music listened to most that week

  1. Durrty Goodz (28)
  2. MC Paul Barman (16)
  3. Wiley (12)
  4. Roxy Music (10)
  5. DJ Quik (4)
  6. Ensemble Modern (4)
  7. Annie (3)
  8. Pomplamoose (3)
  9. Amerie (2)
  10. Björk (2)

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