Links for Thursday 7 January 2010

7 Jan 2010 at Twitter

  • 02:52pm: @davidschneider I don't mean to be picky. OK I do but don't you mean "blog post" rather than "blog"? It's like saying "I wrote a newspaper".
  • 04:43pm: I'm starting to like 2010. Its hand brushed my knee earlier. Maybe it was accidental, but you never know. It's so hard to read the signals.
  • 04:47pm: I nominate @shortyawards for a Shorty Award in #spamming because you can only vote by spamming all your friends.
  • 07:31pm: I have a dozen 2000AD and Judge Dredd annuals from the 80s. Anyone want one or more, free?
  • 08:10pm: @moleitau I'm going to bring it in tomorrow!
  • 10:57pm: @fjordaan £20!? I had a look on eBay and there were loads of mid-late 80s ones for a few quid that didn't sell.