Links for Friday 27 March 2009

27 Mar 2009 at Twitter

  • 09:43am: Home after a very quiet breakfast for two. Now to squash the last CSS bugs before the weekend begins (after a whole day and a half of work!)
  • 11:20am: Has anyone seen my TextMate 'Find' window?
  • 03:26pm: It's strange how publicity goes in flurries. About to do a quick interview about Pepys for a womens' fashion magazine.
  • 05:36pm: Really bored of failing to sell my PlayStation 2 to Computer Exchange for peanuts. If you happen to want one, do let me know.
  • 06:10pm: Whenever I see this phrase on YouTube - This video is not available in your country - I shake my fist at a distant lawyer. That'll show 'em.