Links for Tuesday 17 February 2009

17 Feb 2009 at Twitter

  • 07:03am: Only four hours' sleep for no apparent reason. Bah. I might as well have kids or something at this rate.
  • 01:08pm: Have almost re-created K-Tel's 'Chart Hits 83' compilation of my youth. Just missing 'The Crown' by Gary Byrd & the GB Experience. Anyone?
  • 02:34pm: I appear to be listening to Black Lace. ('Superman', since you asked.)
  • 03:14pm: @thevalueofpie What's worse is that I can remember too many of the words after twentysomething years.
  • 07:16pm: I'm going to SXSW Interactive and wondering if anyone has a hotel room they'd like to share before I book one...? I'm tidy and don't snore!