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  • Heh, have been looking at Writers Room myself recently, and mulling over different screenwriting courses here/Glasgow. If you’re looking at software, this might help?
    Lemme know if you choose one & how it is!

17 Aug 2007 at Twitter

  • 01:58pm: Belatedly noticing that Facebook's 'Compare People' app tells the winner how you voted by default, and wondering what I've said.
  • 05:09pm: Following @yoz's suggestion and updating many web profiles to use passwords created by

17 Aug 2007 in Comments elsewhere

Art and Heart: A painful, piteous rite of passage
Ouch, sorry to read about the accident, but pleased that there’s no permanent damage and you’re on the way up already. Crashes can make one a bit shaky, but I hope you’ll be back in the saddle soon! Take care,…