Links for Friday 27 July 2007


  • Oh, for a moment I thought there was a New Mexican restaurant in London! There’s actually one here in NYC off Union Square. We keep mail ordering in our green chili from NM to make up for the tastes of homesickness. Still, hope the new Mexican place is yummy!

  • Wahaca looks great, nice tip. What happened to Freebirds in Exmouth Market? I read about it but couldn’t find it! Does it exist?

    p.s. if you’re still running a freelance business pls check out my website — might come in useful :-)

Photos taken 27 Jul 2007

27 Jul 2007 at Twitter

  • 09:58am: Advance return to Bristol: £125. Two advance singles, same time: £35. Yes, this is how to get more people to use trains. ::Despairs::
  • 09:59am: Yes, of course I've read through your "website terms and conditions" your "National Conditions of Carriage" AND your "Ticket Restrictions".
  • 01:07pm: Annoyed to discover MT4 can't handle old dates. A problem for anyone blogging a 17th century diary.
  • 05:04pm: Hmm, hoped to get something new and creative done over the past two "free" days. But just website and life admin. Bah.
  • 06:40pm: Right, Desktop clear, to do list shortened. Time to finally start watching Studio 60 and Heroes (on a video cassette recorder; so retro).

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