Links for 21 August 2004

21 Aug 2004 in Writing

Euro Foo Camp: Ben Hammersley - Better Living Through RSS
Debonair man-about-town Ben Hammersley talking about what he’s been squeezing into RSS….
Euro Foo Camp: Matt Webb - Brain Hacks
Matt Webb entertains the crowd with his descriptions of experiments on psychology undergraduates. Funny and interesting stuff….
Euro Foo Camp: Steve Coast - OpenTextBook & OpenStreetMap
Steve Coast (physics student at UCL) on OpenTextBook and OpenStreetMap both of which could do with more collaborators. The latter is especially interesting to me, and it’d be fun to be involved (time allowing)….
Euro Foo Camp: Jo Walsh - Literate Programming
Jo Walsh started a discussion about what literate programming is, how practical it is, what we can do with it. Although it’s interesting stuff, it was a small group and I kept drifting off as people grasped at the vagaries….
Euro Foo Camp: Tomas Krag & John Naughton - Digital Divide
A small group for this one……

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