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Markdown Editing for Sublime Text 2: humble beginning - Brett Terpstra

I might be missing something, as no one else seems to have this problem, but I can’t work out how to change the font size when using this. I have my font_size set to 10 in my user settings, and nothing I’ve tried reduces the size 15 text in MarkdownEditing — I’ve tried changing the font_size in the package’s settings file, and removing that line entirely. Any suggestions?

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Markdown Editing for Sublime Text 2: humble beginning - Brett Terpstra

I figured it out! I copied the Markdown.sublime-settings file into Packages/User/ , removed all the settings I didn’t mind staying the same, and then changed the ones (like font_size) that I wanted to tweak. That did the job. The hierarchy of SublimeText settings files is confusing me… Thanks for a nice package.

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Markdown Editing for Sublime Text 2: humble beginning - Brett Terpstra

No, the settings file stays in the same place (Packages/MarkdownEditing/). But I made a copy, containing just the elements I want to override, in Packages/User/.

I initially thought the general Packages/User/Preferences.sublime-settings would override the package’s settings, but it doesn’t. However, Packages/User/Markdown.sublime-settings does.

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Britain flooded with ‘brand police’ to protect sponsors - Home News - UK - The Independent

It would be nice if the journalist (and commenters) didn’t over-simplify something to make a point. The disallowed words are ludicrous, but slightly less so than everyone here thinks. From the brand guidelines:

You can’t use two of the words from List A, OR one word in List A and one or more from List B.

List A: Games, Two Thousand and Twelve, 2012, Twenty-Twelve
List B: London, medals, sponsors, summer, gold, silver, bronze

Also, this is described in the guideilnes as “a helpful guide”, not the law. p.9 of this PDF:

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I Miss The Guardian Editors | fabric of things

I enjoy the iPad edition, because I like just clicking through from one story to the next, so the section headings and lack of serendipity don’t bother me too much. It’s nowhere near as pleasant as a physical paper to browse, but I’ve no idea how any iPad app could get round that.

But, while I look through it every day, it has made me realise how little of it I’m really keen to read - there are many articles, and particularly columnists, who, when I’m looking at a section front page, don’t seem worth tapping on to read. If an article can’t even reach that threshold of being worth a single tap (and a tap back to return) maybe I am in fact reading the wrong paper.

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