Comments written on other sites from September 2011 : Deploying Django on WebFaction

Thanks for this guide - it’s really, really useful. A few points I found as I went along:

When making the Apps for the static and media files, you say “extrainfo can be set to ‘~/projectname/src/projectname/static_collected’, etc”. But the Extra info field doesn’t accept the character “~”. These need to be absolute paths.

I had some problems where the command line used the default Python 2.4, rather than 2.7. ┬áSo I added “alias python=python2.7” to ~/.bash_profile then did “source ~/.bash_profile” to reload it.

Then I had to do “mkdir ~/lib/python2.7” and instead of “easy_install pip==dev” I did “easy_install-2.7 pip==dev”.

Finally, a typo: Instead of “$ ~/webapps/myproject/apache2/bin/stop $ ~/webapps/myproject/apache2/bin/start” “myproject” should be “myproject_python”. (And you can just do restart instead of stop and start.)

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